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Materials Science
Description of the Course

The master degree in Materials Science offers courses which provide the student with advanced knowledge in physics and chemistry of materials, together with modeling approaches and experimental techniques of materials characterization, with practical activities in experimental laboratories. Aim of this part of the program is the acquisition of a general scheme for the interpretation and the design of function vs. structure relationships in a wide class of materials, giving also a basis for understanding principles, applications, and entrepreneurship aspects of Nanotechnology. The master degree also includes courses on specific classes of materials and function related structures, with the opportunity to build ua personalized program.
Finally, a relevant amount of credits is devoted to the acquisition of competences related to research skills, innovation, and scientific communication. This aim is achieved by a strong work of internship and master Thesis in a research group often within an international network of collaborations and/or involving industrial partners in innovative project on materials science and technology. General aim of the master degree in Materials Science at UNIMIB is to create individuals with a multiple-view approach in tackling new tasks for research and technology innovation where materials science is the main source of new solutions and with the ability to identify short and long-term future consequences of plans and decisions in technology from an integrated scientific and ethical perspective and to merge this into a solution-focused approach, moving towards a sustainable society.

Course Program

1st Year Courses
Functional Analysis 6 ECTS
Solid State Physics 8 ECTS
Physical Characterization of Materials & Laboratory 8 ECTS
Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials 6 ECTS
Applied Physics and Chemistry with Laboratory 8 ECTS
Chemistry of Inorganic Materials 6 ECTS
Physics and Technology of Electronic Devices with Laboratory 6 ECTS
Physical Chemistry of Solid State and Surfaces 6 ECTS
Chemistry of Molecular Materials 6 ECTS
Physics of Homogeneous and nanostructured Dielectrics 6 ECTS
Physics of Semiconductors 6 ECTS
Chemistry and Technology of Polymers & Industrial Applications 6 ECTS
Radiation Matter Interaction 6 ECTS
Surfaces & Interfaces 6 ECTS
Low Environmental Impact Materials & Processes 6 ECTS

2nd Year Courses
Metals Science & Sustainability 6 ECTS
Nanotechnology & Innovation 6 ECTS
Materials and Devices for Energy Engineering 6 ECTS
Synthesis and Special Organic Techniques in Material Chemistry 6 ECTS
Statistical Thermodynamics of Materials 6 ECTS

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